Fequently Asked Questions

How much Trilino service costs?

Trilino reservation service is completely free of charge. No brokerage fees are charged, the price you see on the reservation is the price you will have to pay with no hidden cost. Also, using our site is completely free.

Are service prices more favorable if we contact the playrooms directly?

No, the prices of reservations, appointments and all other services are exactly the same, whether you book your reservation over the phone, live or via the Trilino website. However, bookings you make through the Trilino website have their advantages.

What are the advantages of booking through the Trilino website?

In short, the advantages are speed, comfort, money safety and greater transparency. You pay for the reservation made through our site online with a payment card from any place where you have internet connection. You do not need to come to the address of the space you want to reserve. The booking and everything that goes along with it is documented so you can view it whenever you want. You can cancel a reservation through our site with just one click, since the reserved space receives money only after the reservation is made, the security of your money is guaranteed.